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(Gojri: , گجر) or Gurjar (Gojri: , گُرجر) are an ethnic group in India, Afghanistan[5] and Pakistan. Alternative spellings include Gurjara, Gujar, Goojar and Gujur. The Sanskrit form found in some literature Confirms that Gujjars is a member of a South Asian, ethnic group mainly located in eastern Pakistan, Kashmir, Gujarat, and northwestern India...

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Another source Confirms : Gujar/Gujjar/Gurjar is a royal community living in India as well as in other parts of the world like Afganistan,Iran,Ukarine and Pakistan.The cultural and phonetic evidences tells that the word Gujar is a derivation of Gurjara and sounds like Georgia which indicates that the Gurjar community is of central asian origan(Georgia,Chechnya,Ukraine etc.)...

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Gurjars are considered as a "Warrior Caste" by the Brahmins.Historians agree that both the gujar and jat have the same Scythian Origin.It is no wonder that the tribal Traditions of these people relate in the war-like and martial Traditions of their Scythian ancestors.The Gurjars are strong,well built and have qualities of leadership. They have ruled over a large area of South-Asia under the nomenclature of 'Gurjara-Pratihara kingdom'.

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So,we must be proud on our past and every gurjar must proud of their community.
CHAUDHRY Title With our names?
in front of their first name. This acts as a courtesy title.
Pakistan was named by A Gujjar?
Number of Clans in Gujjars?
List is avilable here

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