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Kharota SYEDANis a village in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan[1]. The town has many schools for boys and girls, a union council, a post office, mosques, and banks. The town is served by utilities like gas, electricity, water, and telephones.

Karota Syedan takes its name from the many people who have the honorific Syed title, claiming to be descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandson, Imam Hussain. There are other ethnic groups in the town, including Jaat, Gujjar, Arain, and Pashtun. Most of the town's population is Sunni Muslim, but there are also Shia Muslims. There is also buried many saints (Darwesh-Wali Allah). Hazrat Miran Sadiq Sahib, and the other one is Hazrat Salahuddin Sarkar, actually the name of the village is famous because of Hazrat Salahulldin Sahib. When he came in the village of Kharota, and spread the teachings of Islam, then on the village came to be known as Kharota Syedan.

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it was the village of hindus(lodhray)and about one half century ago there came a saint in our village withhis companian that saint was SYED SALAH UD DIN SARKAR and his companian's name BABA KHAIR DIN He was our forefather these two personalities spread islam in our village i am grand son of CH.BASHIR AHMED (LATE)FATHER OF CH.NASIR WAHEED.

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A.O.A, Salaam to all, I being a son of Kharotta Sayedan and servant of CHITTI KHANGHA. I feel proud and obligated to narrate the factual history of this great village.
About nine centuries ago, the village was owned by a Hindu Jatt (Lodhra)  Jagirdar named CHOUDHRY JAY RAM, So the village was named and famous as JAY RAM PUR(it still has a part/muhallah named as Jay Ram Pur). Undoubtedly the descendants of Lodhra family are still known and called by all as CHOUDHRIES.
Choudhry Muhammed Aslam (R) Deputy Superintendent Rangers is presently (2011) the elder of Lodhras.
Nine Centuries from now (2011), HAZRAT SYED SALAH UD DIN (Rahmatullah Allehe) Chitti Khanghah Wali Sarkar, who is from direct bloodline of HAZRAT ALI (Karam Allah O Wajho)  arrived in Hindustan via Kashmir. Syed Salah Ud Din (R.H.A) started spreading ISLAM in Jhelum District.
Amongst other notable tribes of Jhelum, The ruling clan of KALA GUJJRAN Jhelum under the Leadership of CHOUDHRY JAADHA PASWAL GUJJAR embraced ISLAM on the hands of SYED SALAH UD DIN (R.U.A). Since the journey of the SAINT was to culminate somewhere else. Hence he was ordered by All Mighty ALLAH to move to the Kingdom of RAI RISALU, present SIALKOT. On the request of SYED SALAH UD DIN (R.U.A),the PASWAL Ruler directed his beloved , bravest & poised son CHOUDHRY KHAIR UD DIN PASWAL to accompany THE SAINT by rendering his whole heartedly services in name of ALLAH (S.W.Taalah) & MUHAMMAD (S.A.Wassam).
Finally both the preachers Hazrat Syed Salah Ud Din (R.U.A) & Choudhry Khair Ud Din reached their final destination Village Jairam Pur,and inhabited at the present site of Chitti Khanghah.
One morning the daughter of Lodhra Jagirdar Jai Ram happened to pass by the two elites. The lady fell in love with The Saint & on the condition of conversion of all Hindu Lodhras to ISLAM the holly ceremony of Nikkah B/W Syed Salah Ud Din & Jai Rams Daughter was performed by Choudhry Khair Ud Din.
Since the holy lady was the only daughter /heir of Jagirdar Jai Ram, his property including village JAI RAM PUR went to his daughter as DOWRY. Meanwhile Choudhry Khair Ud Din also got married ,he built a notable accommodation for his family which eventually got famous by the name,"KHAIR DA KOTHA",(The house of KHAIR).
Presently, "KHAROTTA". The SAINT Syed Salah Ud Din (R.U.A) was further joined by his cousins from Sadaat family such as SYED MIRAAN SAHIB (R.U.A) who were accommodated by the Saint (R.U.A) in the same village.
The holy lady passed away without any child,& was buried in the Hujrah of The Saint.The Saint & Khair Ud Din kept on spreading/Serving ISLAM until time of departure of The Saint arrived. The Saint Syed Salah Ud Din summoned his old accomplice Khair Ud Din and offered him all the inheritance from Jai Ram, including the fertile lands of whole village and surroundings.
 At this juncture Choudhry Khair Ud Din proved his royalty & purified bloodline by refusing to accept the offer by uttering the historical words, he said to the Saint,
"Sarkar , I Am Not Hungry Of Lands,My Elders Are Still Rulling Upper Jehlem,I Was Ordered To Serve You Being The Son Of Prophet Muhammad S.W.S. So I Did, If At All You Want To Gift Me Something,Please Allow Me And My Kins To Be Burried Near Your Feet".
The Syed raised his hands for dua and prayed for prosperity of Choudhry Khair Ud Din and his generations to come. He proclaimed Khair Ud Din & family of" THE PASWALS " as his Caretakers, Mutawallies and Mujawars. Where as the land of the village was equally distributed amongst the blood relations of the SAINT (R.U.A) famous as BAHADAR PURIA SYEDS and rest of the land went back to Lodhra family.
The Choudhries. Contrary to that the decedents of Choudhry Khair Ud Din Paswal are proudly maintaining their status of" MUJAWARS" Of Khanghah Syed Salah Ud Din. The village is known by the name of Kharotta Syedan which reflects the brotherhood and harmony of both notable communities.
Kharotta Syedaan is a beautiful example of diversity of different families/clans. Here I must not forget the LOHAR families who are originally from JANJUA RAJPUT Tribe, but due to the profession like other Rajputs and Mughals of Sialkot and surroundings got famous as LOHARS and TERKHANS. To the extents that these LOHAR/TERKHAN families donated their lands for the welfare of Chitti khanghah as" Muaafi ".

The first known construction of Darbar Chitti Khanghah was started by Choudhry FATEH DIN Paswal one of the seven sons of Choudhry FAZAL DIN Paswal the descendant of CHOUDHRY KHAIR UD DIN (companion of the SAINT).
Both syeds and Paswals along with residents of Kharotta Syedaan participated in the construction of Khanghah Shareef.Major(R) Ahmed Din Paswal S/O Jamaadar (R) Choudhry Bhaag Khan Paswal (MBE) designed and completed cemented construction of tomb & Mazars of the SAINT & his lady.
The same has been further expanded and added by Choudhry Tauqeer Nabi Paswal S/O Choudhry Ghulam Nabi Paswal. Every year in the months of May/Jun the URS Shareef @ Chitti Khanghah Shareef is celeberated with full zeal ,love and respect to PAY Homage to Syed Salah Ud Din (R.U.A). All the residents of Kharotta Syedaan and surroundings participate in the Urs and Mela.
After 1971 war hundreds of refugee families took refuge in Kharotta ,they are now as good residents as the original Kharottians. This is the beauty of Kharotta.It has emerged as a suburban town of Sialkot City. A Union Council HQ,headed periodically both by PASWALS & SADAATS.
Recent examples are Choudhry Nasir Waheed Paswal (Adv) s/o Choudhry Bashir PASWAL (Member Dist Council Sialkot)and Syed Riaz Hussain Shah being crowned as Chairman Union Council.Doctor Syed Zafar Tanveer (Pathologist) Sialkot.
In LODHRA family we had late Brigadier Choudhry Ejaz & late Maj Akram.In Lohar(Rajput) family, Late Colonel Ehsan Ul Haq,Col Ikram Ul Haq,Col(R)Ahmed & presently Serving Major Gen Imtiaz Ul Haq S/O Late Col Ehsan Ul Haq.
Amongst Living elders of Paswals are Choudhry Muhammad Hussain Paswal (USA), Doctor Professor(R) Haji Muhammad Choudhry & Col(R)Bashir Ahmed Choudhry.
I have tried to dissiminate as much information as I could ,still there is a lot of room for improvement .All positive suggestions are welcome.

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Hazrat Syed Miran Shah (R.A) and Hazrat Pir Fazl Din Shah (R.A)   The spiritual legacy of Syed Roshan Din (R.A) and Syed Rasul Shah (R.A) passed on to Syed Miran Shah (R.A) and Syed Fazl Din (R.A), the two teen-aged sons of Syed Rasul Shah. The two young men were, therefore, taught and brought up under the care of Sa’in Ali Muhammad alias Miskeen Shah Panipatti, not a member of the august family but the leading Khalifa (spiritual deputy) of Syed Rasul Shah (R.A).

Syed Miran Shah was quite a strict observer of the Shariah, but was at same time ecstatically inclined. Syed Fazl Din (R.A), however, was an eminent scholar and a distinguished spiritual personality. People thronged to him from far and near regardless of their religious or social standing, in search of solace and guidance. His Langer (free kitchen) was well known in the neighbourhood. He was blessed with Kashf (clairvoyance) and Karamat (mini-miracles). Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A) received his spiritual initiation at the hand of Syed Fazl Din (R.A) and had embarked upon his mission of spiritual guidance about 11 years before the latter’s demise. Hazrat Fazl Din remained a celibate all his life, and passed away in 1892-93 (12- Zi’qad, 1311 A.H.) at the age of 108 years. His mausoleum is located at a short distance to the northwest of shrine (Darbar) of Golra Sharif.

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